Premiered on July 4, 1955 - Produced by Desilu Productions for CBS - Written by Madelyn Pugh & Bob Carroll, Jr.
Summer replacement for 'I Love Lucy" in 1955 and 1957 (total of 26 episodes)
Starring: Margaret Whiting, Barbara Whiting, and Mabel Albertson


"It sounded so much like a real evening at home, we broke up each other laughing," says Barbara Whiting, referring to rehearsals for the first of CBS television's new series, "Those Whiting Girls."

And well it might. Type casting reached its pinnacle when the dramatis personae for the show were selected. Chosen to play Margaret Whiting, a charming young singer, was Margaret Whiting, a charming young singer; signed up for the role of her pert younger sister, Barbara, was her pert younger sister, Barbara.

Virtually the only deviations from the real home life of the Whiting sisters are that Barbara, in the show, has the role of a college student, while in real life she's an actress, and the role of their mother is taken by Mabel Albertson, instead of by the girls' mother.

Miss Albertson was chosen for the role for two reasons: she's an accomplished actress, and she looks enough like Margaret Whiting to be her mother.

The resemblance no longer astonishes Margaret but has helped to establish an odd relationship between the two. Already, when talking about her own mother, she feels compelled to identify her as "my real mother." First time Miss Albertson heard this, she twinkled and asked, "Am I so unreal, daughter?"

The personal relationship between those Whiting girls wasn't difficult for director James V. Kern to establish. The girls are just themselves, and having as much fun at it as they've always had being themselves.

Margaret, who is seven years older than Barbara, has been a performer since whe was 17, and hasn't slowed down since then. Radio, records, movies, television and dance orchestra singing have kept her pretty bush, and she loves it "I haven't felt so good in years," she says, after reciting a list of television and radio guest appearances during the past season.

Just as energetic is Barbara, the fun-loving Whiting girl. This young Whiting, in addition to her acting work-which has incuded featured roles in several movies and in CBS radio's "Meet Corliss Archer" and the starring role in "Junior Miss"-manages an apartment house she owns with her sister.

This is the first television project the girls have worked on together, and nearly the first of any kind. They did one movie together, "Fresh From Paris," which hasn't been released yet, and one guest spot on television, on Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town" on CBS television.


It was the "Toast" appearance, their first professional teaming, that gave Lucille Ball and Desi Arnas the idea fo the "Those Whiting Girls" show, which they groomed for production as the summer replacement for their "I Love Lucy" program.

One gets the impression while watching those Whiting girls that they'd get a kick out of life, no matter what they were doing. And the "Those Whiting Girls' television series is probably the nicest way anyone could think of to let everyone in on the fun.


Season 1: July 4, 1955 - September 26, 1955

S01E01 THE COLLEGE SHOW (July 4, 1955)
Barbara brings her new boy friend home to meet the family and is dismayed when he is smitten with singing star Margaret. To prove she can sing too, Barbara announces she will audition for the junior class talent show.

Those Whiting Girls, which on July 4 began a summer run on CBS-TV in the Monday evening half-hour (9-9:30 p.m. EDT) occupied during the fall-winter-spring season by I Love Lucy, whose slap-stick antics were apparently considered too strenuous for hot weather watching. It may be definitely stated that there is nothing strenuous about Those Whiting Girls. The first program shows the Whiting girls at home with their mother. Barbara, a co-ed, is getting ready for a date with the boy who is staging the junior varsity show; older sister Margaret is mildly complaining about Barbara borrowing her perfume, scarf, sweater and skirt for the event. The boy friend arrives and is bowled over when he discovers that his date's sister is the Margaret Whiting, whose recordings he has long collected. He gets her to sing, much to Barbara's annoyance. Barbara tells him she can sing as well as Margaret, arranges for an audition and persuades Margaret to sing back of a curtain while she mouths the words, a performance whose phoniness is obvious to the varsity kid. Grief sets in all around until mother solves the dilemma by getting the girls to do a sister act for the show. They do, singing songs written by their father, the late Richard Whiting: "Sleepy Time Gal," "Too Marvelous for Words" and "Beyond the Blue Horizon." The dialogue is in keeping with the plot. Sample: Margaret, seeing her bedroom in wild disarray, "Either we've had a burglary or Barbara's getting ready for a date." Sample two: Barbara, after her deception has been dis- covered, "I'm going to become a monk and spend the rest of my life in a monkery." The singing, particularly Margaret's, is more professional. Liveliest item of the half-hour was the next- to-closing commercial for Post Toasties, an animated cartoon with a catchy jingle, "Who Ate My Post Toasties?" Production cost: Estimated at $30,000. Sponsored alternately by General Foods Corp. through Young & Rubicam and Procter & Gamble Co. through Biow-Beirn-Toigo, on CBS-TV, Monday, 9-9:30 p.m. EDT. Package by Desilu Productions. Producer: Sam Marx; director: James V. Kern; musical director: Eliot Daniel; writers: Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Pugh. Starring Margaret and Barbara Whiting, with Mabel Albertson as their mother.

Barbara picks the middle of a crowded dance floor as the ideal spot to stage a scene. She's trying to patch up a quarrel between Margaret and her medico boy friend.

After spending a whole weekend without one solitary date, Barbara signs up for a charm course. In order to pay for the sessions, she takes in laundry from the sororities on campus. Guest Stars: Beverly Long (as Daisy Dunbar); Joseph Crehan (as Mr. Crandall); Chet Marshall (as David Crandall); Norma Varden (as Miss LaVerne)

S01E04 BARBARA'S  BEST FRIEND (July 25, 1955)
In an effort to promote herself a date for the college prom, Barbara and her best friend, Daisy, become bitter enemies. It looks as though they'll both be going with the same fellow! Guest Stars: Beverly Long (as Daisy Dunbar); Bob Crosson (as Herbie)

S01E05 THE CARNIVAL INCIDENT (August 1, 1955)
Barbara learns a lesson in showmanship at the campus carnival. When her boy friend inveigles her into serving as the lure who gets dunked when baseball throwers hit the target, she tries to get sister Margaret to take her place. Margaret sings "Meet Me at the Station."

Margaret and Barbara, with the aid of binoculars, discover their new neighbors are handsome Frenchmen. Barbara persuades a girl friend, who knows a smattering of French, to invite the men to dinner. Guest Stars: Norman DuPont (as Emile); Gene Gary (as Raoul); Chalo Alvarado (as Andre); Jack Kelk (as Jackie); Beverly Long (as Daisy Dunbar)(recurring)

S01E07 MAMMA'S REUNION (August 15, 1955)
Mrs. Whiting is scheduled to appear in a song-and-dance routine with two other college classmates at their class reunion. When one of them comes down with laryngitis and the other rushes home to greet a new grandchild, it looks as though Mrs. Whiting will lose her chance to perform. Guest Stars: Helen Kleeb (as Dot); Maxine Semon (as Amelia)

S01E08 YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY (August 22, 1955)
Because her sister Margaret has been having so many accidents around the house, Barbara is certain Margaret needs help. Barbara seeks aid from a psychology professor. During the show, Margaret sings "Glad to Be Unhappy" and "Gypsy in My Soul." Guest Stars: George Wallace (as Professor).

S01E09 THE SECRET ADMIRER  (August 29, 1955)
Those Whiting girls land in hot water over some "hot" merchandise. Barbara and Margaret are enthralled by gifts of a mink coat, diamonds and wrist watch from an unknown admirer. Then Mrs. Whiting hears a newscaster report the description of these items as stolen from the home of a producer Maggie is on the way to see-wearing her newfound finery!

S01E10 BARBARA'S RIVAL (September 5, 1955)
Barbara thought she had tied up the nomination for the campus sweetheart's crown. But she didn't count on that cute co-ed from the East.

S01E11 THE PRODIGY (September 12, 1955)
Barbara decides she wants to become a singer too, and hires herself a composer to write an original hit song. The composer turns out to be a teenage prodigy. The prodigy is played by 15 year-old Fred Myrow who performs two of his original compositions, "Cuban Donkey" and "Odditude."

S01E12 BARBARA MOVES OUT (September 19, 1955)
Margaret and Barbara can't agree on a new wallpaper for the bedroom and a spat results. On the theory she can live alone and do what she likes, Barbara moves out! Guest Star:  Beverly Long (as Daisy Dunbar)(recurring).

S01E13 BARBARA'S LOVE SONG (September 26, 1955)
A musician-composer enthralls Barbara with a song he wrote "just for her." Barbara doesn't realize his romance with her is just a means of meeting Margaret. Guest Star: Allyn Joslyn.


Season 2: July 1, 1957 - September 30, 1957

S02E01 GERIATRICS (July 1, 1957)
Collegienne Barbara, enrolled in a course on geriatrics, is set to thinking perhaps her mother hasn't enough outside interests to keep her feeling young. Against her better judgment, Margaret and her accompanist help Mrs. Whiting decide to return to show business.

S02E02 MAGGIE'S BIRTHDAY (July 8, 1957)
When Margaret accepts a booking in San Francisco, Barbara is upset because she plans a surprise birthday party for her sister. She decides to take the party to Margaret in San Francisco.

S02E03 THE FAMILY SKELETON (July 15, 1957)
Margaret and Mrs. Whiting are aghast at Barbara's strange antics when Margaret is awarded a choice role in a motion picture based on the life of their father, composer Richard Whiting. Barbara intends to interfere with plans for the picture because of possible scandal! Guest Star: Charles Bronson (as Martin Carroll)

S02E04 THE FEMININE TOUCH (July 22, 1957)
Barbara has decided sister Margaret is much too forthright, and if she wants to land a man she must re-do her entire personality. Margaret practices her new clinging-vine self on accompanist Artie before trying it out on a handsome director of the show on which she will appear. Guest Stars: Marshall Thompson (as Mike Dennis); Barbara Stewart (as Secretary).

S02E05 THE JINGLE (July 29, 1957)
Songwriter Johnny Mercer, a friend of the family, somehow gets involved in Barbara's college politics. He and the entire Whiting household are thrown into an uproar when Barbara takes it upon herself to handle publicity for a friend running for class president. Guest Star: Johnny Mercer.

S02E06 ELEANOR'S ROMANCE (August 5, 1957)
Margaret and Barbara are certain their mother, Eleanor, is about to elope. Guest Star: Vinton Hayworth (as Harry Jordan).

S02E07 THE TRIO (August 12, 1957)
Now that she's 21, Barbara decides to assume some of the privileges of an adult. But Margaret and Mrs. Whiting don't intend to let Barbara go off on a vacation unchaperoned.

S02E08 THE OLD CLUNKER (August 19, 1957)
Barbara concocts an unusual plan to convince her mother and Margaret they should buy her a car. Her first step is to acquire an ancient automobile from their gardner. Guest Stars: Kathy Nolan (as Penny); Robert Kino (as Gardner).

S02E09 WHAT PRICE PUBLICITY? (August 26, 1957)
In an effort to get some publicity for Margaret, Barbara comes up with an interesting story that Margaret and a wealthy Texan are in love. While the newspapers and columnists are fascinated by this news item, sister Margaret is not. Guest Stars: Lee Patrick (as Dolly); Grant Richards (as Jim).

[Episode originally scheduled to appear on September 1, 1957 was postponed until September 30, 1957]

S02E10 MARGARET'S ROMANCE (September 9, 1957)
Barbara and her mother decide that Margaret's new pianist boy friend is a gigolo and not worthy of her. Margaret, infuriated by their rash conclusions, is provoked into proposing to him.


S02E11 THE ARMY CAMP SHOW (September 16, 1957)
Barbara arranges an Army camp appearance for herself and Margaret so that she can see a young Army lieutenant with whom she has fallen in love. But when they arrive at Ft. Lewis, Wash., they find that young man has been transferred.

S02E12 MARGARET WHITING'S SISTER (September 23, 1957)
Barbara, who feels she is always in the background because of her famous sister Margaret, decides to become a professional singer. But her debut in a second rate night club turns into a nightmare when rowdy cattlemen take over. Guest Stars: Francis DeSales (as Candlelight Manager); Ned Glass (as Hi-Hat Manager); Johnny Silva (as Hi-Hat Customer)

S02E13 A MAN IN THE HOUSE (September 30, 1957)
Margaret's accompanist, Artie [Jerry Paris], is tended solicitously by the three Whiting women when he comes down with a bad cold. But Barbara, Margaret and Mrs. Whiting begin to think Artie will never recover. He likes all the attention too well!